Why It’s Sinful to be a One-Issue Christian

The guy who can’t stop talking about “social justice.” Or the Christian who brings every single Bible or God conversation back to homosexuality. Or abortion. Or racism.

I’ve been that guy.

Every single one of those things matter. God wants justice and fairness, for instance. And abortion in this country is a holocaust, and I can say with confidence that the God who forms those babies in their mothers’ wombs stands on their behalf and condemns it. And yet it is still sinful to make every single one of your Christian efforts about either of them or any other righteous cause.


Because, in a sentence, it reveals that you love the issue more than the God of the issue. You are Idolizing something good rather than the God who is the ultimate prize and joy. You are trading greater glory for lesser. You are loving Jesus not for His own worth, but because you can use Him to talk about the thing you’re really passionate about.

“But abortion is wrong!” Amen. “You don’t understand how awful economic inequality is all over the world!” I’m sure I don’t. And we should preach righteousness and the Gospel into those issues. But because we love Him, not simply because we love/hate the given issue.

It is very possible, in a given moment or for an entire lifetime, to love something God loves and not love God.

Here’s a good heart diagnostic: Ask yourself, “Am I eager to read the Bible and discover and defend God’s heart on every issue? Or when I read the Bible or pray am l looking for more on this thing?”

Or phrase the question this way: “Do I love this issue more than I love fellowship with God? Does it energize me more than thinking about and submitting to and reading about Him does?”

If so, then it’s an idol. A little less glaring of an idol than a BMW or a little statue of Baal, maybe, but an idol nonetheless. You are worshipping something the Creator created, and not the Creator Himself.

Yes, be passionate about the right issues. But do it because you love your Father, your God, your Jesus. Otherwise all you have is a less obvious closet deity.


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