I Honestly Believe He’ll Lead You Away from Jesus


Reading Rob Bell’s blog on Tumblr. I’m not a guy who looks for fights or who uses inflammatory language a lot. But I believe this in my bones about this seemingly nice man:

He clearly believes he sits in authority over the Bible.

In his blog series on the Bible (http://robbellcom.tumblr.com/post/66107373947/what-is-the-bible), Rob makes it obvious that he defines who God is, and if something in the Bible says otherwise, then he believes it is wrong or must be reinterpreted. He claims the parts he doesn’t care for or believe in within the stories of the Flood, God’s telling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, Adam and Eve, and several others are the human parts (and therefore incorrect or partially correct or childish or “tribal”). But the parts he does like are divine. He fully believes in the Covenants God makes, and the provisions He offers. But the wrath, the judgment… These, Rob claims (in a number of ways) are the fully man made and and less binding parts.

On God’s destroying of Jericho, Sodom, etc.:

“You find these stories violence and repulsive and primitive and barbaric because they are. If you didn’t find them shocking and awful and confusing, something is wrong with you. And people who read these stories and say Well, that’s just how God is have a very, very warped and dangerous view of God.”

I don’t know anyone who’s cavalier about it like that, but his point is made. If the Bible says God did something Rob Bell finds shocking and awful, then it is wrong or needs to be re-thought. In other words, he is his own Bible.

THAT, my friends, is what’s truly dangerous.

Because it is not the way Jesus viewed the Word of God. The Jesus who said that He came to fulfill the Law, and that Heaven and Earth would pass away but not it, and who chided people for not knowing the Old Testament, and quoted it authoritatively…

Jesus knew Rob Bell and I are supposed to submit to Scripture. Not the other way around.

The Bible, in all its hard truth and all it’s wonder and all the marvelous reality about God which He breathed into it, leads you to Him.

But as his own authority, Rob Bell will lead you, ultimately, only to Rob Bell.


2 thoughts on “I Honestly Believe He’ll Lead You Away from Jesus

  1. Rob appeals to the typical 21st century postmodern sentiment that the OT is barbaric etc. Reminds me of that infamous description of the OT God by Richard Dawkins. May we never presume to be God’s judge. May the Good Lord have mercy on Rob Bell, Mr. Dawkins, you & me.

    • Yeah, I have need if His forgiveness, too! I warn against him, or try to, in the Paul way, because he seems so sweet and nice that I think his wolf-ness is easy to miss to younger people. Or just “people,” perhaps. He denies who God is nicely.

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