3 Reasons Jesus is Worth It


Worth losing your life for. Worth trading in your pet causes for. Worth closing your mouth and becoming a submissive student to a real Master for. Worth putting off the search for Mr. or Mrs. Right for.

Three reasons why He’s worth everything.

1) He gives it all back.

He said that whoever loses his life for His Name’s sake will find it. He said whoever gives up possessions as a disciple of His will be rewarded. The Man who has the authority of Heaven promises to give to and honor and acknowledge the lowly, regular guy or girl who throws it all on the line for Him.

Do you love Jesus Christ? Been saved by Him? Sacrificed out of love for Him? Then the God who created ocean tides and decided what shape Africa would be and how fast sound would travel is planning on personally rewarding you.

How is that not worth losing things in the here and now?

2) The stuff we’re giving up isn’t as needed as we think it is.

It’s good. Marriage and a job and sports and friends and fitting in are wonderful parts of the God-created universe. But they’re not needed, the way our clutching hands and craving souls tell us they are. We think if our spouse or significant other left, we’d die. If our children won’t talk to us, life is over. If we don’t get our dream job, what’s the point?

True and meaningful identity, real and lasting future, soul-calming, unspeakable happiness do not lie in any created thing.

Enjoy Earth. Enjoy family and hot dogs and a movie and music and popularity. But be ready in a moment to sacrifice them on an altar. And shrug it off as you do. Because the One who commands us to sacrifice things knows what He is doing, and He will provide something so much better.

Which leads us to…

3) Jesus Himself is the greatest, most meaningful treasure in existence.

Paul wrote to the Philippians, from jail, that to die and be with Christ was far better than to live. He would go on living if it wasn’t his time, but the other option of a painful imprisonment and death were, to him, small prices to pay for the prize of being with Jesus sooner rather than later.

He wasn’t dumb. He wasn’t suicidal, either. He just knew Jesus was better than all Earthly life can ever offer. Far better, to use his words.

If you don’t see Christ this way, as better,and I myself often don’t, then pray to Him. Read Him, especially in the Gospels. Take minutes and hours away from the internet and your phone and TV and seek Him with all your heart.

The more we look to Him, with spiritual eyes, the more we will see Him as the treasure He is.

He is worth taking up a cross and following. He is worth being hated by the world. He is worth dying and bleeding for the world in evangelism and service and missions. He is worth prayer and sweat and study and pursuit and submission and adoration and my life.

He is worth giving up everything else, if He ever asks me to.

I just too often forget it.


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