Everyone has one.

What do you live for?

What drives your thoughts and actions? What do you hope most for, in the next 2-5 years? What are you most afraid of?

What do you pursue?

What do you live for?

Only one mission, only one purpose is eternal. It has implications and other parts to it, but in the words of the Westminster Confession, there is only one “chief end of man.” There is only one Gospel Jesus came to preach. There is only one mission that will truly satisfy the heart and have a worthwhile impact at the end of all things.

The mission of God’s glorifying Himself by saving sinners through grace.

I went to a small service of a church we pray for today. They had a man who is taking his family to plant churches and preach the Gospel in a city in central Africa. I was thrilled, listening to him. I wanted to join him. I wanted to see people who had never known Jesus surrender their lives to the only worthy God and worship Him with them forever.

I was invigorated.

Afterward, I had to swing by my work to get something I had forgotten. I was still so alive from and in love with the Word and the message of Christ in far away places with lost people. And I walked in to my work and saw everyone there, none of whom truly trust in Christ with their lives, and I thought:

No one here would understand what I’m excited about.

In my line of work, the retail/business environment, you could get someone excited about going to the Congo to start a new business venture. Taking advantage of the expanding cell phone market, for instance. You could maybe even, if he had a charitable/Bono/Red Campaign streak to him, get him excited about going to start a hospital or some such thing. But going, primarily, to preach a message? To make worshipers of Jesus and worship with them?

To preach the Gospel so that people might go from being haters of God to lovers of Him? To tell people about Jesus?

Those who don’t love Jesus in my line of work would see it, though they may not say it, as pointless. Weird. Unproductive. Something that wasn’t worth spending your life and time and money for.

At the beginning of the book of Mark, the writer tells about when Jesus healed a lot of people in the seaside city of Capernaum. He did it all day, including healing Peter’s own mother-in-law. And then early in the morning He went to pray.

Peter came to Jesus while He was praying, and said that there were more people who needed physical healing. More people were looking for Him. And Jesus told him this:

“Let us go on to the next towns, that I may preach there also, for that is why I came out.”

Jesus had a Gospel to preach. A message to proclaim. A Father to glorify. Sinners to reconcile to God.

We work jobs and we raise children and we go to school and we play games and we give to the poor. And we can do all these things well and we can do all of them as Christians.

But they are not, in and of themselves, the point. They are not the Gospel. They are not the chief end of man. They are not, by themselves, the things we were created for.

We were created to glorify God by receiving His grace though we are wicked sinners. And in this life we are a part of His mission to accomplish that.

What is your life about?

Finding “the one?”


Finding some epic or movie-like destiny for yourself?

Being good looking?

Getting people to like you?

Achieving career goals?

I write this tenderly but with supreme confidence: Those are ultimately small and meaningless missions.

All things were created through and for Jesus. The universe spins and flames and sings to the glory of God. Bringing lost people, people made in His image, to Christ so that they can believe…

That is a reason for living and dying.

I want to be used, spent for that cause. I want to tell the only eternal story and run the only eternal race.

I want to see the Kingdom of God spread as the lost are found and the sinful are adopted. I want to see grace abound and the Gospel change hearts. Jesus worshipped and lived for and followed and adored.

I want to trade in petty dreams and Pixar stories for the only true epic, about the only One worthy of an epic.

What is your life about?

What is your mission?


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