The Only Worthy God


It isn’t sinful jealousy to desire your children’s hearts. To seek them and win them through love and faithfulness and courage and sacrifice.

It isn’t sinful jealousy to rescue your broken and deceitful wife from a crack house and bring her home, and then to guard her eyes from other, lesser men.

“You shall worship no other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.”

From Exodus. The Bible is laced, filled with God saying this. Do not look to lesser gods. Do not kneel to them. Do not seek meaning or peace or hope from them.

I am the One who made your bones and your breath and your hair color and the ground you walk on. I am the only truly good Father (Jesus said that we are evil parents by comparison).

I am the only One worthy of worship and sacrifice and offering and the sweaty, furious beating of a million hearts surrounding and singing to my beautiful, glorious throne.

Your girlfriend isn’t worth that.

Nor your husband.

Nor Allah.

Nor equality, social justice, Republicanism, patriotism, vacation, retirement, popularity, the internet, nor sex.

They are not worthy of worship.

“You shall worship no other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.”

When the Pharisees told Jesus He had better tell His disciples to stop praising Him, He responded:

“I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.”

Only the God who is Jesus and Father and Holy Spirit is worthy of granite singing. Of stones springing to life to shout His Name and His greatness.

Only Jesus of Nazareth is worthy of stars spinning and birds making nests and rain falling to water the ground and humans bending their knees.

Only Jesus.

What was the last really, amazingly, heart-stopping, breath-caught-in-your-chest beautiful thing you saw? Really, what was it? Your wife on your wedding day? Your newborn daughter? A silvery, sunkissed waterfall? A city skyline underneath an impossibly orange sky as the light fell under the horizon?

Jesus Christ is the reality and all those things are but the shadow.

Picture a perfect God who owes us nothing, but gives us everything. A world He dreamt and spoke out into firm existence. A world of green and liquid and sounds echoing off rock and perfect breath filling perfect lungs, and all out of sheer grace.

A God who gives perfect gifts to children He birthed. Specifically 2 children: one Adam, the other Eve.

Now picture those children rejecting, ignoring, willingly denying that God and Father. Instead loving the lies of a lesser whisperer. Feasting on the treacheries of a rebel who hates them almost as much as he hates their Father. Wanting the wicked and spurning all the graces of home.

Obeying Satan.

Picture what they deserve.

Now picture that perfect God, the only intrinsically real thing, the only unshakably good Spirit, descending.


Taking on flesh.

Living among the violent and deceitful and rejectors.

Entering the filth of the crack house. The moist, itchy, awful shadows of Earth’s sins and sinners.

Picture Him bearing the spit and sarcasm and slaps of rejection. Allowing Himself to be disbelieved and disdained by human beings. Again.

Enduring the hatred darkness has for light.

And then picture Him bearing the wrath and judgment that that light must have for the twisted, genocidal, idolatrous darkness.

Jesus the Christ taking on the wrath of God, and then gifting those who would believe on Him with His righteousness.

Grace after grace.

Mercy upon mercy.

We worship cars and hot girls and boys and dollar bills and a good night’s sleep. We chase identity and hope into toy stores and banks and board rooms and wedding chapels.

We worship shadows that were meant to make us turn around and see real beauty.

We eat from trees that were meant to be marveled.

The only worthy God died to bear the wrath of God, for all who would trust in Him.

And He rose to give them eternal life and be their King and their Hope.

He is the only worthy god.

He is the only god it is fitting to adore and trust in and die for. The only one capable of remaking us and untangling us. Of giving back what we abandoned in Adam.

The only treasure worth selling everything to have.

He is the only worthwhile god.

Do your heart good: Chase and worship no other.


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