When you’re unsure what to believe about pain, the future, the meaning of your life (or the meaning of your Tuesday), cling to the Bible and the God who wrote it.

When the smart, argumentative unbeliever at work asks you the question you can’t answer very well (“Where was God during the Holocaust?”), when he smirks triumphantly and bruises your brain, cling to the words of Jesus.

When your professor tells you you’re a slightly different version of Homo Erectus or Homo Habilis, just one more collection of living matter walking among dead matter, hang with all your heart on Scripture. Jesus said you are worth many sparrows.

When your uncle dies, your grandmother gets Alzheimer’s, your brothers and sisters fight over the inheritance, wrap your spirit around the only sure lifeline. The only unbreakable thread. The jots and tittles that will outlast Heaven and Earth. Will outlast Jupiter and Alaska.

When you see or hear of something horrible, something evil, an act of torture or calloused murder or the violation of a little child, hope in the Lion of Judah who is coming back. Though the violently unrepentant may not know His voice, rest assured they will someday tremble at His roar (Isaiah 31:4, Revelation 5:5).

When the person who claims Christ but says odd things that don’t sound like Him comes around, when he uses words you don’t understand and sounds far deeper and more brilliant than you, cling to the Gospel that uses the foolish to shame the wise. Cling to the only Good News, and to the God who demands childlike faith in Jesus.

When your sin chokes you, when pornography and jealousy and the worship of financial security start to strangle your faith like weeds, turn from your evil and grab the Bible of the Holy Forgiver. The Unlying Redeemer.

This America around us is awash with new programs and philosophies and diets and faiths and _____ Ways to Improve Your Life.

Naturalism and Postmodernism and Oprah’s “Secret” and “tolerance” and Republianism and liberalism and conservatism.

The Emergent church and Islam and the vague, feel-good, self-serving philosophy of suburban middle class life and the church in California that worships Beyonce.

Did I miss one?

Turn on your TV, read a blog, check out an interview with Jay-Z or Johnny Depp or Stephen Hawking and you will get inundated, drowned by speculations and ideas and opinions on what life is, truth is, meaning is, and good is.

If you’re a follower of Christ, it’ll probably make your head spin and your heart stutter and your spirit cry.

You’ll hear people say a widespread return to the traditions they love can restrain evil, or hear redefinitions of what evil and badness even are, or hear people saying there’s no such thing as evil but everything still needs to be fixed and they know just the political program that can do it.

But in the four Gospels Jesus of Nazareth, God and God’s Son, quoted and taught and prescribed and interpreted and spoke the words and sentences and truths of the Creator of the universe. Jesus proclaimed the Old Testament and He began the New.

He gave us the pattern of a heart after God:

Loving the Word of God is a part of loving God. And believing the Word of God is a part of truly believing in God.

Jesus demonstrated the utmost confidence in His Father’s written, spoken Scripture.

So when the world tosses you, confuses you, harms you, or helps you harm yourself, run to and throw yourself on and cling to the specific, written promises of the God who saves.

“Every word of God proves true; He is a shield to those who take refuge in him.” Proverbs 30:5



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