Father, Husband, King, Son


God describes Himself, in the Bible and through His Son Jesus, as Father, Husband, and King.

If you believe in the Jesus of the Bible, the God who saves by the Gospel of Christ, that is what you have.

You have a God who grieves and is angry over His unfaithful wife (meaning the people who have begun to love things more than Him) in Ezekiel.

A God who is exalted as King of kings in song and prayer throughout the Old Testament.

A God who Jesus (God Himself as Son) almost constantly refers to as “Abba” (similar to “Daddy”) or “the Father.”

No, God isn’t biological; He is Spirit. But He gets to describe Himself. We don’t have the authority to tell God who He is. And he repeatedly uses these male phrases and images.

And He uses them, by the way, having no problem offending people’s ancient sensibilities. In those Ezekiel passages, He tells the Jews that they are essentially prostitutes. In graphic terms. Jesus Himself called people evil and said they were serpents. God in both Testaments tells His people not to, in many ways, be like their times and the cultures of those around them.

So God doesn’t use male imagery to describe Himself because He was worried about overly offending or shocking the ancient mindset.

No, He is clear in the Bible that He speaks truth and cannot lie.

So God is Father, Son, and Spirit. God is the Son who gave Himself to be crucified for those who would believe in Him. And that Son took on the flesh of a male, Jesus of Nazareth.

Fully capable of revealing Himself as He pleases, when He pleases, this is what God said and did. In order to help us know and love and be blessed by Him, this is what He tells us.

This is how God is. This is who God is.

And so my gentle but firm point is this: It is unchristian, unbiblical, ungodly to be ashamed of these parts of God’s character.

Every generation runs from some part of God. Forgets some part of God. Twists some part of His Word or His Son or His Gospel.

One generation may forget His tender mercy.

One His passionate, furious, jealous love for His people.

Another may deny His wrath or judgment.

Another His perfection and holiness.

Some deny His sovereignty.

But one thing 21st century America will, I think, turn hard against is the fact that God is uniquely Father, Son, and Spirit. That God is He.

Both men and women are made in His image, both are co-heirs (when they trust in Christ). Men and women are both valued by and used by God.

But He is not Mother, Daughter, and Spirit.

God is who He says He is, and each generation and each individual has a responsibility to Him to worship the true God as He is. But we all, myself included, have a tendency to whitewash what we don’t like in reality. Psychologists call it “denial.” The Bible refers to it in many ways, but the most obvious is “lying.”

It is simply lying about God to say that He is not the Father. That He is some sort of mother or He is somehow both (or neither).

God has characteristics of all the goodness He put in mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, husbands an wives. After all, He made them in His image.

But He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He is the God who is Father, Son, and Spirit. The Bridegroom who will come for His bride.

And He is a beautiful, passionate, holy, loving, perfectly righteous God.

God is wonderful..


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