Why I Care Less About Your Politics Than Who You Worship


In a sentence: I’d rather win your heart for Christ than I would your political allegiance.

There are 24 hours in a day. I sleep between 6-8 of them. I work another 8 or so. And of course I, like you, have the normal life/family obligations after that. So, with what I have left, I am far less interested in getting you to believe in supply side economics than I am in showing you Jesus and seeing your heart changed by Him from the inside-out.

You can be right on political freedom, right on social issues, right on tax rates, right on law and order, and still be cast into the Lake of Fire.

I’m grateful for my country, but I’m more grateful to the God of Jesus Christ for it than I am to Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

Two men who, like Thomas Paine and many other American Revolutionary heroes, are (as best I can tell) illustrations of my point above.

There is One final King, and I am most interested in extending His agenda.

He can change your heart. He can bring you spiritual life. He can save your soul. He can restore you to God.

Most of us who are politically and theologically conservative would’ve probably liked the Pharisees. They were about patriotism and independence for God’s people, and they had rigorous teachings on God’s book.

The problem?

They hated Jesus.

You can be right on every issue but one and still be lost.

The reason? There is only one issue that has ultimate significance: Jesus Christ.

Your posture towards Christ is what will determine you destiny. What will either make you a loving saint who is being more and more conformed into the image of Jesus, or leave you a darkened and increasingly rebellious sinner who hates God and His ways.

Political agendas treat the symptoms. Christ brings your dead soul to life.

The symptoms should be treated, and I vote. But in my limited time and with my limited resources I would rather see orphan sinners adopted by and restored to God than sinners with wrong politics become sinners with right politics.

Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit can make liars and thieves and drunks (and each of those three words described me less than 10 years ago) holy people capable of world-changing love and God-exalting mercy.

I should love Him more than politics. I should be more excited about Him than politics. And I believe in His power to change you more than even the best political ideology’s.


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