Real Encouragement


The greatest encouragement I could give you is the one that Jesus gave, and that is Himself.

His dependable, impossibly loving, soul-stirringly holy, fiercely gracious, sacrificial self.

Not that you’re a winner.

Not that there’s some great financial blessing somewhere around the corner.

Not that you can be a better you who can, in turn, make the world a better world, and all by yourself.

No, the most authentic, meaningful, reliable encouragement for you and for me is that the only One who can repair us, redeem us, and remake our world is offering Himself to each of us individually.

He told one of the worst, most flawed and false Christian churches of the New Testament day (Laodicea) that He was standing at the door and knocking, and that whoever opened He would come in and share a meal with. The encouragement, the good news, the wonderful truth we can eagerly live for is that the Jesus who has every right to judge and end us for our wickedness has sought us out. Has offered His own perfect blood and sinless life as a way for us to be made friends with God.

The best, most encouraging news available under the sky is that, through trusting in Jesus Christ, though I deserve death for my sin I’ve been given life for His righteousness. I deserve to have God as my enemy but have Him as Father and Shepherd. I deserve to have the innocent blood I have shed avenged upon me, but instead God avenges on my behalf because of Jesus’ more innocent blood shed for me.

Don’t take the shallow, meaningless pats on the back that our culture offers. “You’re wonderful, just be yourself.” “If that works for you, just do it.” “You’ll be all right, don’t overthink.”

These are, very often, meaningless half-truths or non-truths. And meanwhile, the Jesus who authored and will remake and rule our galaxy and a hundred thousand others is offering to kill your old self, resurrect a new one, and make you a part of His holy, powerful, Spiritually alive kingdom.

A lot of people who offer lesser encouragements may mean well, but what they share or say has nothing on Jesus Christ. Take the King’s hand, turning from your sin, and receive the best and most life-giving encouragement anyone can.


One thought on “Real Encouragement

  1. I thought for a second snoopy was your greatest encouragement 😉 Jesus is mine too.

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