Whom Do We Love?


Our actions, and our attitudes about those actions, reveal whom we most love.

What we think about Jesus Christ, and feel towards Him, will determine our behaviors and attitudes about Christian duties, about things Jesus tells us to do in Scripture.

If we view Him in our hearts as simply a far-off God who we’re (exasperated sigh) supposed to follow, then we’ll be annoyed by responsibilities in our local churches.

If we see Him as the doorway leading to things we really want (moral superiority, financial security, “nice” children), we will be disappointed by a life of walking in His footsteps. After all, they lead to a cross of obedience and a Heavenly joy that those chasing the goods of planet Earth won’t find appealing.

If we don’t see Him much at all, but see mostly some Christian tradition or denominational heritage bearing His Name, we will hardly ever passionately share Him as the only Savior with our co-workers or neighbors.

If we don’t feel Him as the Messiah whose words we want to hang on and whose feet we want to sit at, but instead as a potential mouthpiece for a cause we’re far more energized about, then we won’t worship Him in truth and from a deep place of desire and humility.

But, if see Him as the only hope for rightfully hopeless people, we’ll share Him with and offer Him to every coworker, every friend, everyone we interact with at school or Panera or while mowing our lawns.

If we see Him as the soon-returning King, we’ll wait for Him expectantly and excitedly, and want to make His reign more fully known and more fully realized in our families and cities.

If we feel in our souls, see in our minds, Jesus as our treasure, the hope who gives us most joy, then we’ll want to sing to Him, hear about Him, talk about, think on, and pray to Him.

If we feel in our bones and in our spirits that He is the only One who can perfectly love us, can powerfully clean us, can tenderly lead us to a better home, then we’ll long for Him and be happy in Him.

Our Christlike actions and our attitudes about being Christlike reveal how much we truly love Jesus.

And how much we don’t.

Let’s ask Him to help us love Him, and then we can love living for Him.


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