You and I have neither the foreknowledge nor the power to keep our promises in the same way God can.

He knows every single thing that has happened, every single thing that will happen, and He has the power to bring about His will perfectly.

So when He tells Abram that his offspring, the offspring that Galatians 3 tells us is every faith-ridden follower of Jesus Christ, will get the inheritance, it’s sure.

Some other thoughts on Genesis 13 from our service this morning:

-Because of God’s Promise and His inheritance, we don’t need grasp the world’s goods greedily. His eternal gifts, coming soon and already in some sense ours in Christ, are limitless.
From verse 2

-God does not refuse your worship after a sinful rebellion. He invites it.
From verse 3

-You think most about and call upon and rest in whatever or whomever has captivated your heart.
From verse 4

-When you truly take wealth as a simple blessing from the One who is your real prize, you part with it easier. Same with health.
From verses 5-7

-Don’t doubt when it looks like the Gospel or the Promise isn’t working; we don’t know how things end.
Also from verses 5-7

-God is in charge of what family we were born into and how we treat that family should show the world the wonderful nature of His Promise. Our families and churches should be public pictures of the Gospel, so that every Canaanite and Perizzite and Ohioan and Australian will know how generous the God of Jesus Christ is.
From verse 8

-Lot obviously wanted the garden of God but doesn’t appear to have wanted God. Our hearts should want the God of Christ as the ultimate prize.
From verses 8-12

-Lot’s greed led him to live near and eventually among rampant sin; Abram’s dependence on the God of the Promise ended up leading him to intercede for the sinners. If you want to know what has your heart, look at where your feet are going.
Also from verses 8-12

-God told Abram to look up at the land and to walk the actual soil of what He promised; to test God’s Gospel Promises. He is not intimidated. Plead for mercy through faith in Jesus Christ and expect it! The Promises given in Scripture are sure! We do not worship a forgetful God and we are not saved by a halfhearted Messiah
From verses 14-17

-Think about how beautiful it is that God kept telling Abram (chs. 12, 13, 15, 17, 22). We worship a God who wrote us a Bible because He loves to communicate His Promises and who He is to us!
Also from verses 14-17

-And lastly, v. 17 says “so Abram moved…” True, genuine faith in the God of the Promises is demonstrated by obedience. We have to live in light of the Promise of Jesus Christ’s Gospel:

And the Gospel, the Promise, is that by grace through faith in Jesus we can be adopted into the people of God.


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