Whether it is meaningful or not, good or not, all depends on what it is in.

To hope in fame, romantic affection, revenge, material wealth, or pleasure is suicidal.



The praise of other humans, the ease of riches and possessions, victory against some perceived stacked deck…

These are dull, rebellious, and hopeless hopes.

But the hope offered in Jesus of Nazareth is not like these smaller, deceitful dreams.

Jesus the Christ is the Author of human, plant, and animal life. And as the originator of every beating heart and pulsing cell He offers to undo death for all who throw themselves on His good graces.

He is the pure, clean, noble, selfless judge of all detestable violences and rapes and lies and prides. And as the judge with the right to slay sin and sinners He offers complete pardon to any who would give up on themselves and turn their souls toward Him.

He is the only begotten Son of the Father for whom all fractured and sinful dads are named. He is the first Son to the first Father. And His innocent blood provides the promise of adoption as new sons and new daughters for all who would eat of His flesh, drink of that blood, and treasure Him. Would love Him from heart and soul and strength and marrow.

He is the only One to rise from the dead, the first man to turn back death’s work. And He did it as though it were a frail fog and He a tornado. His eternal bodily resurrection is given to those who will trust in Him and repent of their sins as a sure hope of the marvelous, unspeakable beauties in store for those who adore Him.

Hope, like a ship’s anchor, is only useful when it rests in something solid.

Jesus is the point of the universe, the King of every solar system and molecule and mind, and He speaks only truth to those who would listen.

Rest your heart in a greater hope.

No other can compare.

And nothing can take it from you once it’s yours.


One thought on “Hope

  1. Speaking of which, this is an eye-opening conversation with father Emmanuel Jungclaussen:

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