We Americans Are So…


It’s very easy to look humble by “confessing” the sins of people in a group and tacking on the pronoun “us” or “we.” As in “We Americans are so…” or “We in this generation/culture/ethnic group…” But that’s not true humility. It’s a soft cover that makes you look humble while really indicting others or spreading out the blame.

True humility involves repenting of one’s own sins. Of truly being contrite in heart before the Creator. Of recognizing His holiness and, thereafter, one’s own wickedness.

False humility: “We as white people just don’t get it.”

True humility: “I have sinfully viewed African Americans through an ungodly lens. I confess it and ask His help in changing.”

A pointed lesson for us all: True humility and meekness come from a heart that actually mourns its own sins against God and others.

Let’s be truly contrite.

He sees through smokescreens.


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