Anything Else


Until you love Jesus you’ll be depressed, greedy, grouchy, existentially confused, always chasing material goods, arrogant, self-pitying, or otherwise deceived.

We were made to love and worship the Father, Son, and Spirit. We were created to praise and glorify God.

When we are doing that, joy, peace, hope, thanksgiving, and compassion flow from and through our hearts more freely.

When we are not doing that, bitterness, envy, depression, strife, and anger thump in our brains and in our souls.

All of the stopgap solutions for what ails our minds and hearts that you see in self-help books or in motivational quotes are usually only symptom-treating, like taking Tylenol for cancer (and sometimes they’re just flat-out wrong, like taking Bacon Bits for cancer).

What we need, as human beings, is not something self-esteem or a “treat yourself day” or a new girlfriend can give.

We need reconciliation with the beautiful God we were designed to adore.

We need friendship and obedience to the faithful, magnanimous, glorious Jesus we were authored to serve.

We need to be taken over, illuminated by the Holy Spirit who can make us clean and cause our dead spiritual hearts to beat again to His rhythms.

Anything less than the Gospel, than the peace with God that comes through faith in Jesus Christ, won’t give you life-altering joy.

Anything else, when treated as something to love for, will only lull you faster to spiritual sleep. Will only lead you to ultimate death and judgment.

God offers the the only real meaning and peace for our fractured and insubordinate hearts.

Because He authored them.


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