When You See Something Terrible


I wrote the following* to my wife after seeing a movie with some realistic, hard-to-stomach bad deeds in it (if you’re curious, this is a post explaining why I try to steer clear of outright horror movies anymore).

There are sick and twisted things in the world. And we know they are bad and sick and monstrous because we know, in our souls, what good and beauty are. We know what twisted is because we know what straight is. And the more you know what straight is the more you are saddened and distraught by what is twisted.

But the Man who knew best what good is was not only the most distraught by evil, He was the most victorious over it. And someday when He returns to make all the lies obvious and all the manipulative whispers shouted from rooftops and all the violences thrown into a lake of fire, He’ll also bring all the good men and all the good women to life eternal. All the sinners He’s made saints by His blood and righteousness will be raised to life unending. And what was harmed will be healed, and what was twisted will be eternally straightened.

Evil gets the second word. But God gets the first and the last. And the last one never ends.

*It has been added to slightly for clarity.


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