Murdering Beauty


Last week my wife and I were able to see our third child, in my wife’s womb as she waits to be born.

She is four months old and yet we could see, so clearly it startled me, her leg bones, hands, feet, eyes, and her small, beating heart.

The creative, world-sustaining, all-wise God has made such a design that a man and woman would leave their parents, spend their earthly lives together in Godly love, that the woman would submit to the man as the church submits to Christ and the man love the woman as Christ loves the church, and that they would then have children whom they would raise up in fear and love of Him.

This beautiful, wonderful doing of the living and loving God can be destroyed through no direct fault of our own (being the victim of infidelity, desertion or through barrenness, for instance), but it can also be willfully and thus sinfully destroyed. And the most horrific way that that happens in present-day America is through abortion.

Because abortion is so much more common than any type of murder should be and because its wickedness is cloaked, often by using words like “choice,” most of us have become more numb to its violent, revolting, God-defying nature than we would otherwise be.

A bill reported on last week in the state of New York would allow babies at 9 months to be murdered abortively by methods including a shot of poison to the heart.

Let that sit in your mind for a moment. Someone wrote that bill.

A baby at 9 months is no more a human than a baby at 3 hours, but that bill demonstrates the spiritually blind nature of those who promote infanticide. They clearly, either practically though they might say otherwise or unashamedly and vocally, deny that God is the authority over and Creator of life in the womb, and that He rightfully and rightly designed conception, childhood, and parenthood. They deny in action, deed, or both, in other words, that God is the knowing, sovereign, just King over human life.

There will come a time, the latest possible one being the end of this earth when all knees will be bowed to King Jesus, when the wicked slaughter of infants in our day will be seen for what it is: hatred of God and hatred of man. There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life in Godly sacrifice; knowing that, we can then also know that taking an infant’s life or treating it as expendable is practical, or outright malevolent, hatred.

I plead with all as a father and as a son: Love the good God and love His ways. If you have murdered an infant or have supported their killing, I plead with you to repent of your sins and believe in Jesus Christ, the merciful Savior of wretched sinners (myself being one of them). Flee from His wrath and cling to Him through faith, because He is returning, and His righteousness will crush all evil.

And if you know Him and are forgiven and called, pray with me for the end of infanticidal abortion. Pray that God’s creative purposes would be honored, and that the wonder of His wisdom and His ways would be trusted.

Let us love Him, and love what He has beautifully wrought.


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