Wrath and Compassion


Jesus had incredibly harsh words to say to the unrepentant and unbelieving. He also had fierce, rescuing mercies to give to those who did repent.

True Christians should be ashamed of neither.

The same Jesus who said He would strike the unrepentant Jezebel in the Thyatiran church dead also told the sinful, broken woman who washed His feet at Simon’s house that she was saved and forgiven.

If you claim Christ but have believed or stated in the past that Jesus never judged anyone or would never condemn anyone or some similar thing, I am pleading with you to read Him. It is foolish to claim a man you do not know, and it is dangerous to misrepresent a man you do not read.

And if you claim Christ but believe there is something unredeemable about a homosexual or a pedophile or a Muslim terrorist or a gossipy co-worker, I am pleading with you to read of the Jesus who saved a criminal in the middle of his execution and a Christian-hater who was on his way to arrest believers. Jesus will save any who repent and put their faith in Him, any who will turn from their sins and call upon His Name.

Jesus will come in fierce, flaming wrath and He will come to finally rescue all the miserable wretches whom He has washed and clothed in white. Revelation tells us He will make the last war in order to make the final peace.

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are filled with His hard rebukes and His tender compassion. Jesus the Messiah has both wrath and grace. Judgment and forgiveness. He proclaims both the coming punishment and the coming reward
in the four Gospels and in Revelation. His apostles preach both in Acts and their letters.

In these days when we are stuck in the residue of a once Biblically-literate country, it is imperative that those who truly know Jesus proclaim Him as He has revealed Himself. We are surrounded by many people who think they are Christian but who have never read or believed in the real Jesus of Nazareth who is returning to judge the living and the dead.

If you claim Christ, follow the real Jesus. Not the one of your imagination.


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