A Plea for Tolerance


The numbers indicate that there is a group of human beings the United States has chosen not to tolerate. Or, to phrase it another way, there is a group of human beings our country has chosen to allow murderous intolerance towards.

Since 1975, each calendar year has seen at least one million infants murdered while in their mother’s wombs. Our nation allows these murders as a right, and about half of her citizens see them as a normal, acceptable activity.

Our culture has made tolerance a battle cry. But it has, in a number of ways, chosen to be vehemently intolerant of babies. Children are put off or not desired at all, large families are seen as a nuisance as opposed to a blessing, and infants are often dismembered purely for the cause of convenience.

It is the heart of folly for a culture which approves of the legal murder of over 10,000,000 African Americans to decry racism. And it is impossibly blind for that same culture to sing about love winning while accepting the “medical” killing of thousands of babies a day.

Sin is inherently blinding. I hope the good light of mercy opens our culture’s eyes to a violent intolerance that is being exercised in our country each and every day.


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