For the Next 30


I turned 30 the other day. So I guess it’s safe to say at this point I’ll never have my own show on the Disney Channel. But halfway through the day I did start thinking about what I hope, by the grace of the living God, to have accomplished at the close of the next thirty. If He lets me stay here that long.

I mean, even if it is a bit of makeshift one, it’s some sort of milestone.

So, ahem, here are the first things that came to mind.

I want to be faithful to Jesus, be joyous in Jesus, and grow deeper in Jesus.

I want to show my kids who that Jesus is, how fun He makes life, how worthy He is of every ounce of praise you can muster. And I want to pray daily that they’ll see Him like that.

I want to get better at living like there isn’t a single possession I’ll have with me when I worship Jesus in my resurrected body on the remade Earth. Stuff is temporary.

I want to have read a lot of biographies. For the sake of a round number, let’s say 100.

I want to have memorized two books of Scripture. Short ones count : )

Okay, I changed my mind. 50 biographies.

I want to have Christian friends of different cultural backgrounds, be they long-distance friendships with brothers or sisters overseas or relationships developed in my local church.

I want to have been a part, however small a one, of the murder of infants in this country having ended. I want to see American abortion be a thing of the past.

I hope to have given a lot of money and time away to the cause of preaching the Gospel all over the world.

Make it 10 biographies.

I hope to be inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. I’m still younger than Alex Rodriguez, so if I can learn to hit a fastball this year…

I hope to be happier in Jesus, more forgiving, and gentler.

I also hope to be bolder in the faith, more ready to admonish, rebuke, and exhort my brothers and sisters.

I hope to be both more ready to submit to authority and wield authority in a Godly manner.

I want to be ready to meet Jesus.

It’s just a number, but life is truly a vapor and so I give thanks for the first thirty years. I hope to be of good use to Christ and a blessing to the world and the church in however many more I get.

Also me know if any of you have a good biography I can borrow. I have 5 to read and only thirty years to read them.


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