15 Seconds on Sam Dubose, Ray Tensing, and Abortion


Just like the infants who have their tiny heads crushed in Planned Parenthoods all over the US, Sam Dubose was a human being made in the image of the Creator. When you have an appropriate view of humanity (images of God knit together by Him in the womb, though sinners all), you will have the appropriate seriousness at the taking of a life. Murder is a real wickedness done to a real son or daughter, not merely fodder for discussion or talk shows.

My family tonight will be praying for the Dubose family, for Ray Tensing and his family, and that abortion in this nation would end. And by all three prayers we hope to honor human life, which is created through Jesus Christ.

*Note: If you’re interested in a well-written editorial from the Cincinnati Enquirer, here is the editorial board’s response to today’s indictment.


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