60 Seconds, 5 Reasons


Tomorrow from 9-11 in the morning, protests will be held around the country against Planned Parenthood’s murdering of infants. I will go to one of these.

I want to be gracious. I want to preach the Gospel to those who think these murders are acceptable. I want to be firm. And I believe all three are absolutely necessary.

Five reasons I will be going to the Planned Parenthood in downtown Cincinnati and protesting tomorrow, very quickly:

Because human beings are made in the image of God, and it is wicked to murder and mutilate them.

Because I want to see the place, and let the sights and sounds and reality of of it help me to pray for the salvation and forgiveness of everyone who works inside. Which I will that night.

Because I have a newborn at home, and what a baby looks like and how they kick from inside the womb is fresh in my mind.

Because I know God loves for people to be born, as He loves for them to be born again.

Because His voice was used for the voiceless, His strength for the weak, His wealth for the impoverished. And I want to be like Him.

*Note: Thanks to Pastor J.A. Medders for inspiring this short post with his own.


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