Why I Pray for the End of Planned Parenthood


Because it is an organization that, whatever else it may do, stops the hearts of infants and then sucks their bodies out of the wombs of their mothers. And that is wicked. It is evil.

Let me give you a few of my heart’s desires concerning the current American abortion debate: I want people to receive medial care. I want women who are pregnant and scared to be cared for and loved. I want children to be adopted, especially by parents who have been reborn by God’s Holy Spirit. I want women who have had abortions to be forgiven and cleansed through the sacrificial blood of Jesus. And I want the brutality of children being murdered and their corpses dismembered to end and to be repented of.

Those are all things I want, despite what I’m sure Planned Parenthood would have you believe about pro-lifers.

So why do I pray that Planned Parenthood be ended, even if it does other things beside perform abortions? Because there is no acceptable ratio of poisoned infants-to-HIV screenings.

I will gladly support the very government funds that right now go to Planned Parenthood going instead to any agency or health care provider that does not use metal pincers, vacuums, or chemicals to end the lives of unborn children.

It is an affront to God and an assault on humanity to proactively end the lives of infants as they grow in their mothers’ wombs. It is murder; sin against the defenseless infant and sin against his or her Maker.

And so I pray that it would stop. And that the organization that perpetrates it would cease to exist.


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