60 Seconds on Environmentalism


Quick hits from our church’s preaching of Genesis 1:26-31 this morning:

  • God gave humans responsibility towards His earth:  Populate it, keep it, and use it for human flourishing. 
  • Humans have dominion over the environment, per its Creator.  
  • That dominion should be exercised responsibly. 
  • It is a misguided heart that that fears environmental catastrophes, government conspiracies, or the results of the next election more than it fears the God who made mountains, sets up kings, and causes demons to shudder.  You cannot be anxious and worship at the same time. Anxiety sucks the air out of awestruck worship of God.
  • Secular environmentalism worships creation rather than the creator. 
  • Human beings are not villains assaulting nature; they are the co-regents nature was made to serve and be (responsibly) subdued by. 
  • Lastly, greatest hope for the environment isn’t new legislation or initiatives; it’s the return of King Jesus, who will beautifully and perfectly remake it. All life, no death. All goodness, no sin.  

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