Several Short Thoughts


A couple of unrelated musings, some from while preparing last week’s sermon, some from while reading the paper this day-after-Thanksging:

  • One of the signs of self-righteousness is that you will only speak up about sins you don’t struggle with.  One of the signs of hypocrisy is that you will speak up about sins you struggle with, but act like you don’t struggle with them.  
  • What God does is intimately tied to who He is.  So one of the most profound problems in denying that God did things the Bible, and Jesus, say He did is that you are ultimately denying things that the Bible, and Jesus, say God is
  • Because our brains are small and our God is big, Jesus is always better than even the best of us are able to imagine.  
  • The two biggest objections I normally have to the Gospel’s comforts are, “But God, you don’t know the pain I’m in!” and “But God, you don’t know the kind of man I am.”  Jesus answers each from the cross:  “I know both.  Come.”
  • There’s a dangerous sort of temperament that the Internet seems to me to facilitate. It says that the most pernicious threat to you is some shadowy, conspiratorial force, some forthcoming collapse of culture/society, or the greed, lawlessness, or malevolence of the upper class, lower class, immigrants, or Presidents.  While governments and social trends can be problematic, none of those deserve your undivided attention.  Your greatest threat is, and always has been, your own sin. 
  • I wish the newspaper was bigger than the ads.

One thought on “Several Short Thoughts

  1. Great points. Our greatest threat is indeed our sins. God calls us to confess our sins, and when we do, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Thank God for His grace!

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