For regular, semi-regular, or otherwise interested readers, I wanted to make clear that this blog will continue even though CrossBridge Church will not (if you’re curious about that, see here or here).  

For the moment I’m not a pastor, but that doesn’t mean I can’t share some (hopefully helpful) thoughts on Jesus Christ, His Word, Christian theology, and culture.  

I’ll be changing the name of the blog shortly, so as to reflect that it is now no longer the blog of a church, but all the old posts will still be right where they were, and I’ll be writing in the same manner with the same style.  

If you are a regular reader, I’ll take this short intermission to tell you I truly do hope this little corner of the internet has been helpful to you.  I enjoy writing and I enjoy pastoring, and this is simply a spot where I try to (faithfully, I hope) do both.  

I’m truly grateful to any readers, to Jesus Christ, and to the little collection of some of His people who, for a time, made up CrossBridge Church.  


Elder of CrossBridge Church

Writer/Maintainer of this Blog


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