60 Seconds On Refusing to Love the Right Thing



They refused to love the truth and so be saved.

It’s a description of the people who perish, deceived by the “lawless one” who precedes Jesus’ return for His people, from Paul’s second letter to the church at Thessalonika.  It’s succinct.  And it has a weight, a density, that I’m not really able to grasp at 9:15 on a Tuesday after putting my kids to bed.  

They die and suffer eternal punishment because they refuse to love the One who offers them rescue.  

There are, have been, and will be, all the way up to Jesus’ return, people who refuse to love their Maker.  They prefer deception.  They prefer delusion.  

And this truth given in 2 Thessalonians is not meant to feed my arrogance.  The letter is written to people suffering and afflicted at the hands of people loving the lie.  So it’s written to give the persecuted hope, not pride.  

But man is it serious.  

“They refuse to love the truth and so be saved.”

Would you do something with me?  Join me tonight in praying for one person you know who hasn’t put their trust in Jesus.  Pray for his or her love to change.

This isn’t merely a war of ideas we’re in.  People love the wrong things.  They love what’ll kill them.  So let’s pray to our God for one of them each.  Let’s pray for His Spirit to make a person we know turn from obstinacy to Him.  

Because the only one who can make you love God is God.  


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