Bloody Words


I didn’t have a college degree. I didn’t have an income. I didn’t have a marriage. I didn’t have anything a child needs. And I didn’t want it.

Actress Amy Brenneman, quoted in a New York Times article yesterday about abortion

I cringe.  Few things I’ve read recently have made me as sad, perplexed, and disgusted as Ms. Brenneman’s words (and much of the rest of the Times article that frames them).  Disgusted with where we are.  Disgusted with what we value.  

“I didn’t want it.”

A tiny, God-authored human.  More valuable than many sparrows, Jesus would say.  

The Times article quotes Amy Brenneman as calling the murder of this baby, whose lifeless body was probably thrown into a dumpster, “reproductive justice.”

“Justice.”  I wonder if anyone could find the gall to speak that word while the baby was, in inexplicable terror, being vacuumed out of her womb.  

I don’t know Ms. Brenneman’s heart or her motivations.  Maybe she is actually broken-hearted over her abortion but hiding it.  Maybe she’s in denial.  Perhaps repentance is calling her.  But what I do know for sure is that her words, carried in our country’s paper of record and delivered (according to the article) to the Supreme Court carry weight.  

So her stature makes them even sadder.  And, to be quite frank, bloodier.  

I hope someday another generation wonders why we tolerated tens of millions of homicides, done for the sake of convenience, done because we didn’t want the humans we murdered.  I hope they see what we shut our eyes to.  

I hope they see what we did, and why, and are revolted, so that infanticide-on-demand is never again inflicted on humanity.

What we value can reveal deep things about our hearts.  And our culture appears to value convenience over the lives of the smallest children. 

But the One who offers forgiveness for us and real justice for them is wonderfully different.  

“I didn’t want it.”

I’m afraid you might just mean that Ms. Brenneman.  But I am comforted to know that Jesus does.  


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