Something Christian Happened in Front of Planned Parenthood Today

It is Christian to do this.  

It’s a Christian thing to stand for human rights.  I heard a young girl speak today at the Christian protest in front of Cincinnati’s Planned Parenthood.  She survived three abortion attempts, and was eventually born to a mother who has since come to Christ.  She spoke for the rights of other children who will have abortions inflicted upon their tiny bodies.  

It’s a Christian thing to give a voice to the violated voiceless, to stand for the persecuted weak.  These are people without a Macklemore song or a trendy hashtag.  They don’t have a wide audience, a cultural platform, or a Twitter account from which to Tweet about what is being done to them.  They are little and they are fragile and they are killed and treated (quite literally) like trash.  

It’s a Christian thing to lend your heart and your hands to someone who can’t do a thing for you.  I know that because Jesus Christ died for people who had nothing to give Him.  

Love is measured by what you’ll give up for someone who can’t pay you back.  And so it is a very Christian love that will adopt children and rescue kids from sexual slavery and fight racism and yes, stand in front of Planned Parenthood in bold prayer.

Christian love stood outside a monument to death and hate and violence today here in Cincinnati.  And it shone all the brighter because of that contrast.  

A Christian thing just happened.  And it was unimaginably beautiful.  



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