Why I Will Not Vote for Donald Trump in 3 Sentences

I do not want to put a burden on anyone else, here.  This is simply a statement about what I won’t do and a quick explanation of why.  If you are a believer and want to vote for Donald Trump, pray about it and then leave it to conscience.  I think there’s Christian freedom to disagree, here.  I will say that since the Democratic Party in the United States supports, as a part of its platform, legalized infanticide (which has resulted in approximately 60 million deaths since Roe v. Wade), I do not think a Christian should support a Democratic candidate unless that candidate expressly opposes abortion.  But whether you want to join me in writing in or otherwise selecting a candidate not named Donald Trump is a matter of personal conscience. 

So, I’ll be succinct.  I will not vote for Donald Trump in November, and I can tell you why in 3 sentences:

  1. I believe that Mr. Trump only picked up the pro-life cause out of convenience, and that he would drop it for the same reason. 
  2. Character matters to me when I am asked to invest someone with the authority of leadership, and he has repeatedly and publicly reflected a lack of personal character. 
  3. I do not want to lend my support to a leader whose primary conviction appears to be “Don’t cross me.”

That’s pretty much it.  I haven’t decided who I’ll write in or select, and probably won’t for some time.  But a vote is a lending of one’s approval and, in our constitutional system, an endowment of authority.  And I have decided I will not lend my approval or give my citizen-held authority to Donald Trump.  

I don’t wish Mr. Trump any will, and if he becomes my president I’ll pray for his wisdom and his soul.  But he has requested to lead the constitutional republic God has placed me into, and in November my citizenly answer to that request will be “No.”


3 thoughts on “Why I Will Not Vote for Donald Trump in 3 Sentences

  1. As I’ve often had to point out to evangelical friends, the wrongness of the Democrats doesn’t make Mr. Trump any more qualified for the office. I can sum it up in one five-word sentence:

    I don’t vote for bullies.

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