60 Seconds On Resources

The goal of a Christian resource should be to give its user an increasing view of or obedience to Jesus Christ in a given area.  A Christian finance book, for instance, should help me see Jesus more clearly in the area of finance or help me manage my money more obediently.  If it doesn’t do that, it may be a helpful financial book, but it isn’t a Christian one.   Ditto for books on the mind or the heart, lectures or videos on psychology or history, or workshops on family or education.  

The reason I bring up the distinction between truly Christian resources and resources that aren’t actually Christian is that I see people reading books or watching videos about life and goals and parenting and self that have a Christian veneer or title, but do not have Jesus Christ, His Cross, or His Gospel at the center.  Much of what passes for “Christian” resources in contemporary America are truly un-Christian pop psychology or self-help.  They make the user think more about Himself, not the triune God.  They call the user to satisfy his flesh, not crucify it.

If your “Christian” resource would still have the same message if all references to and influence of the cross of Jesus Christ and the glory of God are removed, it is not really a “Christian” resource.  And of course that  may be just fine.  Cookbooks and history books and TED Talks may be (or may not) be useful.  But if they are not threaded with Jesus Christ, His sacrificial death, His resurrection, or His glory, they are not “Christian.”

Exalting Christ is the point of the Christian life.  As such, it’s also going to be the point of the truly Christian resource.  


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