A Morality Not Worth a Hill of Beans

If your society denies any influence of God upon its ethics, then your society has no firmer ground for its morality than something like personal preference or what the majority says.  And that kind of virtue doesn’t have a hill of beans’ chance of withstanding something like Naziism.  Virtue that weak will bend like a half-dead dandelion with whichever way the breeze blows.  “Oh that’s what we call ‘good’ now?  Got it, got it.”  It will be tolerant of whatever it’s told loudly enough it should now tolerate, and intolerant of whatever it’s told is passé or unpopular.  Its morality will be all be feeling and popular opinion, no bone or muscle of conviction about what’s true.

How would you have your culture decide what’s right and what’s wrong?  Personal opinion?  People disagree.  The majority?  What if the majority someday said it was good to murder indigent or weak to get them off the societal dole?  You see, if you don’t have an appeal court higher than people for your ethics, then the strongest guy or group gets to decide what’s right.  And the bad guys are often strong.

What’s your answer to someone who says, “I think human beings are a plague, and should be wiped out?”  How do you call that evil?  How do you decide what’s evil?

I want a culture of conscience.  I want a culture that knows the character of the Creator.  I want a culture that could look Hitler square in the eye and speak, “I don’t care if the whole world follows your asinine madness, I’ll fight it to the death because it’s wicked.  It is evil to murder and maim.  It’s not opinion.  It’s fact.  God despises what you’re doing, so I will, too.”

An ethic that has no higher appeal court than humans is a paper tiger.  I want a culture that knows what good is, a culture of wisdom and nerve.  

There is no real morality without acknowledgement of the Creator.  Just opinion and feeling passing themselves off as something more powerful than they really are.  



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