A 30 Second Plea

John the Baptist was willing to be jailed for telling King Herod that he should not be committing adultery with his brother’s wife.  Shemaiah the prophet had the boldness to tell king Rehoboam about his folly even though there were 180,000 soldiers standing behind the man.  

Christian, do not mortgage your integrity or spiritual authority by whitewashing the evils of an earthly king.  If you alter your standard of wickedness because of a political leaning, because this time the perpetrator is on your political team, then you’ve revealed which king you’re really worshiping at the moment.  And it isn’t the One in Heaven.  

The world needs more John the Baptists.  Because the world needs more repentance.  

Heaven help us if we ever defend Herod’s adultery because we like his tax plan.  


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