For 3:  How I Want to Decide


One good thing about this election cycle is that it has forced me to do some soul searching about why I vote a certain way, and even about why I speak or engage issues and public debates the way I do.  This year I honestly had to examine what my motives really are, and from that came the follow-up question:  “How How do I know what the most Christ-exalting angle to come at this public matter is?”

Christians from Tertullian to Augustine to Luther to Spurgeon have had to wrestle with how their devotion to the King of Kings should influence their possible commitments to issues in the still-sin-shaped public square.  King Jesus isn’t back yet, so how do I vote?  How do I take a side, or decide whether this is a case where I should take a side?  How do I spend my time and dollars in the city, state, and/or nation I live in, where Satan still has a measure of (God-ordained) control and people who don’t truly know Jesus all jostle around each other, each with their own interests (some horrible, some neutral, some morally positive)?  

Well, here is a simple rubric I landed on that I think is a faithful outworking of Scripture.  

So thanks, crazy 2016!

When I vote or endorse something in the public square, I want the 3 criteria by which I judge my approach to be:

  1. What will glorify Jesus Christ?
  2. What will honor His church?
  3. What will bless my neighbor?

*Note: “For 3” is a new format, joining “_____ Seconds On…” as a semi-regular series on this blog.

Let me know what you think! Feedback is always appreciated. 


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