7 Reasons Why I Vote but Don’t Obsess

Every 4 years I feel the temptation to put my deepest hopes in a human being (or a human cause).  And every 4 years I have to then remind myself that (though I love and want to bless my Earthly nation) I am a citizen of a better country.  

I will vote this year, but I will not obsess over the results, and I will not put my faith or daily hope in any human elected official, cause, or platform.  


Glad you asked.  

  1. Jesus Christ is in total control of the universe.  The world is not a rudderless ship.
  2. The sin of my own heart is far more of a threat to me (and my family) than whoever the next president will be.  
  3. Long after every earthly kingdom has ceased to exist and every tax bracket has vanished like smoke, Jesus will be reigning in a Kingdom which basks in the warmth of His light forever and ever and ever. 
  4. I care more about winning the souls of those who I disagree with politically than winning their votes.  
  5. America, while great, isn’t the solution for the world’s greatest problem.  
  6. I could be wrong in my vote or support.  The Bible doesn’t tell me who to vote for.  It does, however, tell me who to live for.  
  7. The Bible tells me not to be anxious, and to instead pray. 

I’ll participate in the election (and my country’s civic discourse).  But I refuse to be consumed by it. 



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