Election Day

I wrote this 4 years ago.  Thanks, Facebook memories : )

I am genuinely pleading now: please stop placing so much hope in human beings who run countries. No king will save souls. No president will heal hearts. No prime minister will stop sin. These men, especially if they aren’t believers and work without the Spirit, are not making the changes that hold up in eternity. You speaking a verse tomorrow to a co-worker who’s mother recently died offers real hope. Me holding my tongue and instead offering a helping hand, in the name of Christ, to a person who gets under my skin, offers real hope. You praying with your husband or daughter of grandmother offers real hope.  

Israel begged God for a king, because they thought a man could save them, heal them, and offer them hope. It took battles and bloodshed for them to realize how wrong they were. And still, when their real King came, humbly and perfectly like a lamb being led to the slaughter, they did not want Him.

I promise you President Obama won’t save anyone. I promise you Governor Romney wouldn’t have saved anyone. Please witness Christ tomorrow. Please offer real hope tomorrow. And if you don’t know Him, please know that He is better than any of the frail and fragile kings that for some reason human hearts continue to worship.

I am genuinely pleading.

I still am. 


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