One of the classic medieval Christian texts was a book called Sentences.  It was by Peter Lombard, and is, I’m sure, available right now on Amazon.  As best as I can understand, having read only about it (and even then, not very much), it’s a collection of theological statements.  


Well, I had a couple of thoughtful holiday days off work and a series of trips to Dunkin’ Donuts, and so I jotted down a collection of caffeine-aided theological and/or ethical statements myself over the last week or so.  Some are just restatements of smarter and older Christians, and at least one came while watching How to Train Your Dragon with my oldest daughter.

Happy 2017, all!

Good is when you love the right thing and then act upon it.   

Nothing that we envy (if we envy something on Earth) is trouble-free.  

Jesus Christ did not see through my screw-ups and foibles to the real, good-at-heart me; He saw through my good deeds and pretended righteousness to the real, self-loving and idolatrous me.  

A Christian, of all people, is able to grieve simultaneously with deep sadness and abiding hope.  

Faith is the means of our justification, but it is not the grounds; the righteousness of Jesus Christ is the grounds.  

One of the best things the Holy Spirit does for a man is changing what he does by changing what he loves.  

There is almost no less Christian of an attitude than that of complaining.  

I don’t want to neglect doctrine and theology and I don’t want to love them for their own sake; I want to treasure them because I treasure Christ.  

There is a kind of person who constantly points his finger at others and then complains about being marginalized, who will describe his own vocal disagreement as necessary but another person’s towards him as an attack, and this type of person is difficult to win over through argument alone.  

One of the most surprising ways you can learn about the character of a man is by finding out what he enjoys.  


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