2 Kinds of Abolition

From an abolitionist of 2 kinds, posted in our digital town square, here, for public interest and consumption:

“God defines ‘human.’  Not you, not me, and not any stakeholders in this awful enterprise.  God Is the Author of these persons we call human beings.  

“He is the one who tells us, in His Word, how they are divinely knit together in the womb.  He is the one who told His servant Noah that whoever sheds their blood will have his own blood shed, for men are made in His image.  He is the one who sent His Son to the womb of His servant Mary, to be born and live as a man and save men from their sins.  It is God who is the maker of men, the judge of men, the savior of men, and the Son of Man.  They came from His dust by His doing.  

“We do not define human.  He does.  

There is no ‘spectrum’ of humanity.  Those who say that the victims of this industry do not have the rights of the rest of us since they are not as ‘human’ as we are are both wrong and proud.  They are wrong on what a human is and proud because they think they get a vote on it.  A human is a son or daughter of Adam and Eve, a life knit together by God in His image.  He is the molder, we are the clay.  Let no clay pot call his brother a lesser earthware and cast him aside or smash him to bits.  

He is the Author, not us.  He is the Definer, not us.  Let’s end this awful institution, and pray to God for forgiveness on our nation for all of the human misery, often unheard misery, that it’s unleashed on creation.”

I hope I would’ve had the courage to speak that in 1860, as a moral argument against American slavery.  

I speak it now in 2017 as a moral argument against abortion.

I hope I would’ve been an abolitionist then, but I don’t honestly know, because it’s always easier to fight a dead evil than a live one.  It’s always easier to have moral clarity and courage years and years after the smoke has cleared and the bullets are all rusty souvenirs, buried on a ceremonial battlefield for middle schoolers to unearth on a field trip.  

I hope I would’ve had the courage to fight that evil violation against my human brothers and sisters.  

But I have at least one live struggle I can suit up for now.  


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