480 Atomic Bombs

Somewhere around 250,000 people died from the 2 atomic bombs the United States dropped on Japan to end World War II.

Multiply that by 240 and you have how many human beings have been murdered by abortion in in America since Roe v. Wade.

Do me a favor and re-read that sentence and then just think about it for 10 seconds.  

We have dropped something like 480 atomic bombs on the most fragile, vulnerable human beings among us.  In the United States of America over the last 50 or so years we have violently ended the lives of almost 60 million human beings.  

National repentance.  That’s what’s needed.  Our people have done unspeakably wicked things to our people.  We have murdered babies, boasted about it, and funded it.

And there is a God who is ready to forgive, but He is also a God who hates the violation and massacre of the weak.  

If you are a Christian, you have a job in this.  Pray.  Speak.  Protest.  Adopt.  And always, always proclaim the Gospel.  You must not be silent.  We have to be salt and light amidst the unimaginable evil of abortion.  They need us to be.  Our nation can’t just walk away from this one.  

You can’t drop 480 atomic bombs and then pretend like nothing happened.  


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