30 Seconds On Emotions

Emotions are like a horse, and faith is like a rider. I should know where I want to go. And I need my trust in God and what He says to steer my emotions to get there. I need faith to bring my emotions into line with His Word and promises. Emotions are incredibly powerful. ... Continue Reading →


60 Seconds On Being a Better Nation

A nation that routinely murders its children has lost all moral authority to speak powerfully on love or goodness. The world needs good men saying good things. It needs righteous kings who will declare righteousness. We starve on this planet for nations of goodness and justice and truth. I love my country, and I want... Continue Reading →

30 Seconds of Thankfulness

I am thankful You have not given me what I deserve. Instead, you took what I deserve. I was a drunk, a louse, bitter, mean-spirited, disobedient. I gossiped and used people and brought shame to your Name since I did these things as a Christian. I deserved Hell. I deserved judgment. You sent church members,... Continue Reading →

60 Seconds of Gospel

The question before every human being isn't, "Am I good?" It's "What do I do with the evil and ugliness in my heart?" You have great evil, monstrous and awful thoughts and deeds, burrowing in your mind and in your behaviors. I do, too. Something must be done with them. Sin brings death, and I... Continue Reading →

A 60 Second Warning About Snark

It's been my experience that snark deadens the soul. Sarcasm has a way of numbing the senses. It puts an opaque sheen of disbelief over any sentiment, any true human feeling, eventually any experience. Snark is so cynical, in its extreme forms, anyway, that it looks through everything, so that in the end there's nothing... Continue Reading →

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