To the Lost and Abused

You are not forgotten.  You are not irrelevant.   This world of sin and sinners is often a place where young girls are sexually abused.  Where little boys are ignored by their fathers or beaten by their fists.  Where the small or disadvantaged are trampled by the anger or selfishness of warped men with warped... Continue Reading →


A Marriage, a Death, and a Public Faith

Abraham was not always a perfect husband. He was, at least twice, pretty despicable as far as husbandry is concerned. He gave his wife Sarah away in order to save his own skin, first to Pharaoh in Egypt and then to King Abimilech in Gerar. He also relented to his wife's momentary faithlessness (shadows of... Continue Reading →


There is a type of woman that the world around me values little. Her work and precision and sacrifice aren't the sort that modern American movies or commercials honor. Her compassion is quieter but more costly. Her obedience less glamorous though more beautiful. Her courage less brash, more prayerful. Her love for others is real,... Continue Reading →

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