Since Murder’s Old as Man, Let’s Just Make It Safe and Clean

I read The Daily Beast because I want to know what the secular left thinks. I love people, and I want to be used by God in my day and place to bring people to faith in Jesus. Therefore I try to stay aware of what people who are probably hostile to the Christianity of... Continue Reading →


Comfort In the Chasm

I'm a lay elder in a rough neighborhood. Along with two other men (so far), I pastor some people with some deep, deep wounds from broken families and from awful or absent fathers.  And today, after being shaken by one of those stories, a comfort the Lord brought to my mind from Scripture is this:... Continue Reading →

To the Lost and Abused

You are not forgotten.  You are not irrelevant.   This world of sin and sinners is often a place where young girls are sexually abused.  Where little boys are ignored by their fathers or beaten by their fists.  Where the small or disadvantaged are trampled by the anger or selfishness of warped men with warped... Continue Reading →

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