Weapons Against Anxiety: Humility and Faith

Two of the greatest weapons against anxiety are also two of the most scarce virtues of our day. And so it isn't surprising that ours is an anxious day. Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your anxiety on Him, because He... Continue Reading →


A Grand Love

Marriage is a promise to be made. A covenant. It is the first human relationship God ever authored, and it is the most precious. And it is one of deep, abiding love. Love, by definition, must be committed. Love is no fragile thing, or else it is not love. We take vows when we marry... Continue Reading →

30 Seconds of Thankfulness

I am thankful You have not given me what I deserve. Instead, you took what I deserve. I was a drunk, a louse, bitter, mean-spirited, disobedient. I gossiped and used people and brought shame to your Name since I did these things as a Christian. I deserved Hell. I deserved judgment. You sent church members,... Continue Reading →

On the Importance of Fathers

Schoolmasters are well enough, but godly fathers are, both by the order of nature and grace, the best instructors of their sons, nor can they delegate the sacred duty. When fathers are tongue-tied religiously, need they wonder if their children's hearts remain sin-tied? Charles Spurgeon Fathers have the primary responsibility for raising their children in... Continue Reading →

Obsession With Politics

It seems to me that the hollowed out American soul is obsessed with political identity. The thirsts for meaning and for belonging to something bigger than one's self haven't been met by SmartPhones and Netflix and casual dating, haven't been met by materialism or shallow relationships, and so the American soul seeks belonging and meaning... Continue Reading →

60 Seconds of Gospel

The question before every human being isn't, "Am I good?" It's "What do I do with the evil and ugliness in my heart?" You have great evil, monstrous and awful thoughts and deeds, burrowing in your mind and in your behaviors. I do, too. Something must be done with them. Sin brings death, and I... Continue Reading →

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