Long, Long Shadows and A Light

Sin never stops where you think it will.  Your repeated anger leads to latent bitterness which leads to relationship-destroying gossip.   Your pornography-viewing leads to unmarital sex which leads to one parent raising a child in isolation which leads to crippling resentment.   Unchecked sin always spreads, and kills where it does.  Like cancer.  ... Continue Reading →


How to Kill a Church

   I love the church. Christ's bride.  The ekklesia, God's called out people.  He died to save her and I want to live to serve her.  And in my couple of trips around the block as a church member, church planter, church elder, there are a few poisons I'd love to see get big, skull-and-crossbones... Continue Reading →

The Last Set of Jitters

   Two things happened.  One was fun and good, the other personally devastating.   The bad one first.   Instead of finding my identity in Christ's forgiveness of me, His giving me new life and a spiritual home and family, I often cling to and locate my worth in being respected and admired by others.... Continue Reading →

Two Ways to Love Our Cities

In Acts 2-4 Peter and John love their city in a Godly way by (at least) doing two things. Two things that most of the people around me in 21st century America would tell me are irreconcilable. Diametrically opposed. 1) They care for some among the city's weak. 2) They proclaim to those in the... Continue Reading →

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