That Our Sons Might Be Good Men

Do something.  Build something.  Improve something.  This bundle of impulses lies at the heart of manhood.  And if you don’t understand that, you don’t yet understand manhood.   And our culture doesn’t understand manhood.   It doesn’t understand why it exists, what is good about it, or who possesses it.  I read an article today... Continue Reading →


How I Apologize to My Kids

*There seems to have been some interest in these practical family and parenting posts.  I do not write as an expert in anything.  This is simply one sinner saved by grace explaining his best approach to those awful 5 minutes after slamming a door or yelling at his children, when he realizes he behaved like... Continue Reading →

Why My Family Won’t Celebrate Halloween

   A couple of days ago my family and I were walking through Home Depot.  Towards the front of the store were some cartoonish inflatable Halloween decorations for a front lawn.  You probably know the type:  Graves, skeletons, tombstones with humorous inscriptions.  And as we walked away from them I felt strongly that I needed... Continue Reading →

They All Obey Something

Our children are always obeying something. They are either obeying their parents and God in tandem, as God has commanded and says He will bless, or they are obeying their friends, the lusts and desires of their own hearts, television, the internet, or some other influence they value more than their parents and their parents'... Continue Reading →

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