4 Points On Churches, Pastors, and Willow Creek

I listened to a podcast from Christianity Today about the fall of Bill Hybels, founding pastor of Willow Creek, one of the largest and most influential churches in America. It’s a gut-wrenchingly sad affair, first for the name and cause of Jesus, then for the women he sinned against, his own wife and family, the... Continue Reading →


Gods and Gifts

In order to love what God has made well, one must love God. Without acknowledging the Creator, love of created things will veer off in a bad direction. It may move towards pure idolatry, where one worships and seeks ultimate meaning and joy from created things (food, family, human affection, human respect, etc.). You might... Continue Reading →

The Rev. E. R. Conder On Doubt

I came across this from Reverend E.R. Conder, in the 19th century Pulpit Commentary, on Psalm 86. It's wonderful and true: A strong trust can slay the darkest fears. Doubt distracts, agitates, unsettles, weakens (Jas. 1:8). A doubting temper, fond of dwelling on difficulties and objections, is fatal to unity of mind, heart, and will.... Continue Reading →

60 Seconds On Joy

One of the fundamental features of the Christian faith is joy. Being deeply glad and hopeful because of what Jesus has done for me, and what He promises to finish in me, is supposed to be the posture of my heart. Finally my brethren, rejoice in the Lord.  To write the same things again is... Continue Reading →

Starlight and Dawn

I want to enjoy my wife and my kids. They will only be my wife and my children here, on this earth, and only once. After my Jesus returns there were will be something much better and much more lasting, the solid reality of which marriage and parenting are simply good whispers. Then these blessings... Continue Reading →

30 Seconds On Being Born

When I was born, I was full of disobedience and selfishness and fear. I did the wrong things because I loved the wrong things. And a man can't change what he loves all on his own. Title of chapter 1 of my biography: Conceived in sin, born sinning. A really miraculous thing about the news... Continue Reading →

30 Seconds On the Gospel

There is no greater force for good in the world than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It changes men from the bones out. It alters what they love and why. It makes men right with God so they can in turn be right with their neighbors. It instills reckless love, unshakeable peace, hope that will... Continue Reading →

2 Symptoms of the Same Pride

This came up tonight.   I’ve seen it with eschatology, I’ve seen it with KJV Onlyism, I’ve seen it with the no vaccination movement.  I’ve seen it with beliefs or practices I share, such as the Doctrines of Grace (you might’ve heard of “Cage Calvinists,” so-called because you want to put them in a cage... Continue Reading →

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