I Can’t Love You and Tell You You’re Not a Man

I can't love you well while lying to you. I can't love you well by lying about God to you. He made you and He's good and you're a wonderful creation of His. And He's made you a man. There's beauty in that, startling beauty in this reality that the crafter of the earth chose... Continue Reading →


60 Seconds On Men and Women

   You honor neither women nor their Maker by treating them as if they are identical to men.  Men and women are both made in the image of God, both reflect His beauty and glory, and (if believers in Jesus) are both co-heirs of eternal life.   But they are not identical.   A husband... Continue Reading →

What a Good Marriage Looks Like

God created marriage, and when it conforms to His ways it's wonderful. There is only one perfect marriage between humans described in the Bible (though it didn't stay perfect for long), and it is the first one He created. These are some things we learn from God telling us that story in Genesis 2: "The... Continue Reading →

Father, Husband, King, Son

God describes Himself, in the Bible and through His Son Jesus, as Father, Husband, and King. If you believe in the Jesus of the Bible, the God who saves by the Gospel of Christ, that is what you have. You have a God who grieves and is angry over His unfaithful wife (meaning the people... Continue Reading →

Gender and Rebellion Against God

God designed both maleness and femaleness, and God designed us individually as males and females. God authored gender. He didn't do it because someone forced His hand (no one can). He didn't do it as a response to sin (when He started maleness and femaleness there was no human sin). He did it out if... Continue Reading →

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