But Politics Is Easier…

A man's life will never get meaningfully better if he spends more time raving about politics than dealing with the sin in his own heart. I know this from experience, but more importantly I know this from God's Word. The human heart is where evil springs from. And so the primary source of strife, pain,... Continue Reading →


30 Seconds On Emotions

Emotions are like a horse, and faith is like a rider. I should know where I want to go. And I need my trust in God and what He says to steer my emotions to get there. I need faith to bring my emotions into line with His Word and promises. Emotions are incredibly powerful. ... Continue Reading →

Mr. Oesteen’s Trinkets

It is wicked to teach that God promises material wealth in this earthly life if you will simply have enough faith. It is wicked because it is false, inasmuch as that is not a promise that God makes to every person, but it is also wicked because it makes too much of material wealth. The... Continue Reading →

Praying to the Right God

Everyone prays. It's just a matter of to whom. When we run to something in the moment of fear or despair or anger that grips us by the throat, we are asking that thing to satisfy us, calm us, save us. That is a kind of prayer. There are millions of people in our day... Continue Reading →

I’ve Been Lied About: Now What?

Someone has lied about you. Exaggerated to make you look bad. Told a rumor that isn't true. It's hurt your reputation, your prospects at work, cost you friends at school. You're indignant, but you're also wounded. And if you're like me, you want to do something. But what? Someone has committed verbal homicide against you... Continue Reading →

15 Things Men Need

I offer these without the qualifications I'd give in a longer piece for two reasons: I'm limited for time and want to get this out while it's fresh in my mind and heart, and sometimes a series of short, punchy truths is nice, and worth the risk of being misinterpreted. So take these for the... Continue Reading →

The Problem is Her Gods

Every nation and culture has a god. This is a simple outworking of the principle that every person has a god, and cultures and nations are made up of people. Principle #1: We are all worshiping something. It is built into the human soul. We are born worshipers. Look inside any human heart and you... Continue Reading →

Where The Evolutionary Story Leads

Every human being who has ever lived is descended from Adam and Eve. And both Adam and Eve were made by God in His image. And because of that, we can know that every human being has inherent worth, and that no skin color or physical condition makes any one human being any less valuable... Continue Reading →

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