This Man Deserves It

 For all his fornications, he is guilty.  For his selfish manipulations and lusts, every teenage violation of his future wife, he is unquestionably guilty.  For all of his anger, his petty hatreds and grudges (which he so often carries deep under his skin, where he thinks no one can see), he is guilty.  The... Continue Reading →


Long, Long Shadows and A Light

Sin never stops where you think it will.  Your repeated anger leads to latent bitterness which leads to relationship-destroying gossip.   Your pornography-viewing leads to unmarital sex which leads to one parent raising a child in isolation which leads to crippling resentment.   Unchecked sin always spreads, and kills where it does.  Like cancer.  ... Continue Reading →

Please Stop Gossiping, Christian

   Gossip is verbal homicide.   It slays people, relationships, and reputations.   Its destructiveness, like a nuclear disaster, can't really be measured for years.   It tears down individuals, marriages, churches, and families.  The Apostle James tells believers in James 3, "Consider how large a forest a small fire ignites. And the tongue is a... Continue Reading →

A Confession for Good

I got sucked in to the TV show M*A*S*H* when I was a teenager. That's not the confession. Well, not entirely anyway. I had never really had a cause, up to that point. Then I found this show on satellite TV at about sixteen, and I became mesmerized by the lead character Hawkeye's sarcastic, unwavering... Continue Reading →

30 Seconds, If I May

Neither racism nor vengeance, theft nor murder, gossip nor greed are fixable by therapy, prescription, or government intervention. They are fundamentally sins which need to be forgiven. Rebellions which need to be put down. Acts of treason against God. We need God's Gospel, Spirit, and tortured and resurrected Son. And they are offered to us.

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