Killing Anxiety

For a Christian, anxious thinking is illogical thinking.   When a Christian is anxious, he is assigning more weight, more power, to his problem than to God.  This is, after all, the God He professes is sovereign and who He claims loves him.  And yet here this Christian is, worried and nervous and agitated and irritable.... Continue Reading →


Would He Be Enough?

Would He enough if I lost everything else?   If my reputation were destroyed.  If my name were shattered and everyone who's opinion I cared about most began to think I was a joke.  If my family were taken away from me.  If the the deep and abiding love of my wife and children were... Continue Reading →

Love and Hate

A Christian should have many loves, because the God He sees and knows as beautiful is the God who made this world.  And, like everybody, all of his hatreds flow from his loves.  But with the healthy  Christian, this principle works out for the benefit of the wider world. The Christian whose heart is in... Continue Reading →

Poisonous Root

   I have known people who have chronic physical pain, at least one with intense back and hip problems, who still smile and generally speak to neighbors and family with warmth. I know at least two people who have vicious relatives they have to interact with weekly and yet who still treat the offending family member... Continue Reading →

60 Seconds on Free Will

   The reason why grace is grace is that the freest will in the universe is God's.  If in salvation man's will were determinative, if a human being's will to be saved was the scale-tipper instead of God's will to save him, then God would ultimately be beholden to His creature's will.  The deciding factor... Continue Reading →

30 Seconds on Work

   If work is about trying to prove yourself, you'll never be really content or happy with it. But if it's about diligently trying to bring beauty out of and order to creation? That's something you can live with.   In short, if your work is your identity, you'll end up paralyzed or miserable. But... Continue Reading →

30 Seconds On the Heart

   It isn't enough to merely do what is right.  Or say what is right.  A healthy heart loves what is right.  The religious teachers Jesus rebuked often had the externals right.  And he said to them, 'Well did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people honors me with their lips,... Continue Reading →

30 Seconds on Good Love

   Love may include tolerance, but it does not stop at it.   Good love will not stand by and watch the beloved be destroyed by some pet wickedness that will harm him or kill her.  Good love is ferociously, self-sacrificially protective of the one it cherishes.  And so in this sense all good loves... Continue Reading →

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