Don’t Take This Personally

No one's life has ever been made better by taking more things personally.  With each gesture, each word or tone of voice that I choose to take as an affront to my worth or goodness I make myself a little more miserable and a little more insufferable.  That child who just rolled his eyes at... Continue Reading →


How to Kill a Church

   I love the church. Christ's bride.  The ekklesia, God's called out people.  He died to save her and I want to live to serve her.  And in my couple of trips around the block as a church member, church planter, church elder, there are a few poisons I'd love to see get big, skull-and-crossbones... Continue Reading →

Let Us Go First

   It's a Christian thing to listen.  It's a Christian thing to allow someone to give his perspective, finish his sentence, share his experience while not judging him or getting overly defensive.  It's the flesh that belittles and dismisses and refuses to ever give the person on the other side the benefit of the doubt.... Continue Reading →

Just Be It

   There is nothing ignoble in simply being what God has called you to be, however small or large, plain or beautiful it may seem to human sight.  "Use me as an instrument for Your salvation, Lord, however you will" is a good prayer.  It's a freeing prayer, too.  Spurgeon said that at the Last... Continue Reading →

On Boasting

A simple contrast with no commentary, in the hopes of edifying the reader: "I'm the most successful person ever to run for the presidency, by far... Nobody’s ever been more successful than me. I’m the most successful person ever to run. Ross Perot isn’t successful like me. Romney – I have a Gucci store that’s... Continue Reading →

This Thing On My Back

The beauty of the Good News of the crucified and risen Messiah is that it's for bad people. People like the sexually immoral Samaritan woman at the well in John 4. People like the thief and traitor that Jesus called into the Kingdom and into ministry in Matthew 9 (Levi/Matthew). People like the man being... Continue Reading →

Freedom in Beating Your Chest

If you are wrapped up in a sin, feeling hanged by its guilt, lost in the sense of unworthiness that it casts like an impossibly long shadow before your feet, a plea: Repent and believe in the saving, justifying Jesus of Nazareth. He does not cast aside penitent sinners. He does not disown grieving tax... Continue Reading →

Instead of Dying

In repentance there is life, while in sin-denial there is suicide. When you're frustrated with the way a work week, a project, a conversation, or a family situation is going, it is easy and relatively painless to lay the blame at the feet of others. Or to say the problem is "the situation." And of... Continue Reading →

Humble Sunday

Ten years ago I spent most Sundays nursing hangovers. This past Sunday? I heard the members of my church pray for one another out loud. For family members and help in battling sins and friends with sicknesses. My spirit breathed in good air as I heard eternal prayers from eternal people. Felt like sunlight and... Continue Reading →

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